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My church live stream isn't working.

Common Issues and fixes:

- The Live Stream is Private or unavailable? If so please wait, this is because the live stream has still not started, but will very soon. We might be running a little bit behind schedule, but the live stream will operate normally once it starts, so just refresh the page once in a few minutes and please be patient.

- Have you clicked on the video to start the live stream?

- Have you unmuted the video? You can do so by hovering your mouse over it and clicking the speaker button, in the bottom left hand corner.

- The video is not playing correctly. Try clicking the words saying 'youtube' in the bottom right corner.

- Can't enter full screen on mobile? Try clicking the button below and click 'youtube' afterwards if you are on mobile. If that does not work try clicking the browser option, (e.g. Google Chrome, Browser, Safari, Firefox, Cake etc.). Then click full screen.

If you're still experiencing issues follow through to this YouTube link: