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How to participate in an online church service?

To participate in an online church service feel free to email us at so we could give you a google drive link that you could upload your video submissions to.

All submissions excluding Sabbath School videos must be sent through by 11:59pm on the Thursday prior to the online church service. This is to allow our volunteers to work on the submissions and edit them for the church service. Some of our volunteers spend up to 30 hours a week individually preparing for the online church service, so your punctuality will definitely help reduce the workload :)

Sabbath School videos on an ordinary week will need to be submitted by 11:59pm on the Wednesday prior to the online church service. This is because our team work on the Sabbath School first. 

Exceptions to these include if it's a special Sabbaths, like those when we broadcast our services on television like Hope Channel, in which case you will be notified if asked to participate. You can always double-check by emailing but 95% of the time the above timelines apply. 

Happy Creating! :)